Song of the Day: You and Your Heart by Jack Johnson

Surf’s up!

Who could resist the laid back Hawaii mood in You and Your Heart video by Jack Johnson.


Song of the Day: Comeback Kid by Brett Dennen

Four words. We love Brett Dennen.

Video of the Day: Breakfast Interrupted by Bruton Stroube Studios

Good morning!

Let’s start the day with a conventional, classic breakfast…

Breakfast Interrupted by Bruton Stroube Studios showcases food in a beautiful and unusual way. The film is shot primarily with Phantom HD Gold at 1000fps.  We love the bold, artistic perspective on this mundane, everyday meal. Delicious slow motion! We wonder what will happen to all this food after filming…

Fantik Feeling: Golf Clubs and Scissors

Wooden Golf Clubs ©Fantik

These golf clubs from the early 20th century England offer classic beauty for sport-inspired home decor.

Vintage Scissors ©Fantik

These industrial-styled vintage scissors are still functional but work even better as a decorative item.

Video of the Day: Robin Risser’s Solitude

Solitude is a lonely yet hopeful cinematography video created by Robin Risser with Canon 5D Mark II as a thesis project at ESAG-Penninghen. The video depicts the long journey in solitude searching for hope.

We are particularly amazed by the production design and aesthetic appeal of the video. The simplistic storytelling is very captivating leaving a lot of room for interpretations and the details reveal just enough of the space so that viewer can connect with the person. As Robin Risser himself puts it: ” The film is for those who seek to find. Its interpretation is open to everyone.”

The video is shot in the Charente region of France. Interestingly, in this setting, Risser combines the contemporary industrial era with traditional, untouched nature leaving a strong impact. Does the grey, modern man find hope in the bright, natural flower? The film does not reveal the identity nor the facial expressions of the man, not even in the end. Are we destined to search for hope forever and ever without finding it?

Fantik Feeling: Baseball Cards, Blocks, Camera

Baseball Cards: Set of 3 ©Fantik

Retro Blocks ©Fantik

Ye Good Olde Instamatic ©Fantik

Song of the Day: Magenta Skycode’s Kipling

This video portrays the Finnish mystique in a compelling way.

Fantik Feeling: Sneak Peek

Hello new generation of antique pickers! Fantik is here with plenty of cheerful vintage collectibles!

In the sneak peek today:

Vintage Mill Spools ©Fantik

Old wooden textile mill spools are excellent home decoration artefacts – only your imagination sets the limit for their use.

White Keys ©Fantik

Looking for that perfect Country chic and New England style? Add authentic vintage skeleton keys and a marine starfish to your collections.



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